Holistic Facial with Eve Taylor Products

Holistic Facial with Eve Taylor Products

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This treatment will involve applying products to the skin, such as a cleanser, exfoliant, mask, toner and moisturizers, facial massage oil, with the use of massage and pressure point massage. 

This Facial will help improve texture of the skin, increase the skin's circulation, and encourage cellular activity and rejuvenation. It will both stimulate and soothe the nerve endings of the skin. It is also a wonderful way to relax and promote the sense of well-being.  

Selected Treatment Include: 

*Pre Cleanse and Deep Facial Cleanse 

*Gentle Exfoliation

*Soothing Facial Mask (Addition Charge $)

*Massage of Shoulders, Neck and face to sooth nerve endings, relax muscles and improve tenure of skin. 

*Sinus & Lymph drainage techniques to remove waste products and assist in healing

*Pressure point massage to clear energy channels and stimulate muscles and nerve endings

*Scalp Massage  



* Pay at clinic option is available as an option at checkout

*Should you need to cancel please allow 24 hours notice or there is a 50% cancelation fee.

*Please arrive 10 Min early for your appointment. This allows time for paperwork to be completed. *

*Depending on the body area being treated, clients might be partially clothed or unclothed with draping for discretion. Please dress comfortable *

*Prices are Subject to change and services can be altered for the best of our customers' needs

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