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Glide Cupping Massage

Glide Cupping Massage

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Performed by a non RMT 

This glide cupping massage is paired with a relaxation massage with no red markings. 

What is Glide Cupping ?

Gliding cupping is a type of cupping therapy that involves the use of silicone cups that glide smoothly over the skin. The cups are placed on the skin and then moved around in a massage like pattern, creating a massage-like sensation. 

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* Pay at clinic option is available as an option at checkout

*Should you need to cancel please allow 24 hours notice or there is a 50% cancelation fee.

*Please arrive 10 Min early for your appointment. This allows time for paperwork to be completed. *

*Depending on the body area being treated, clients might be partially clothed or unclothed with draping for discretion. Please dress comfortable *

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